Notes from the Teen Room


42-16951901I had a chance to hang out with and talk to some of the teens at the library the other day. This is what I got out of our little impromptu meeting:

  • No one reads my blog….yet, hint hint
  • You guys like candy
  • You prefer Dairy Queen to Mitchells
  • Not everyone is a Chipotle fan (how sad)
  • You have tons of great ideas for programs (I promise you will be seeing your ideas in the coming months)
  • I need to skip the surveys and just ask for your opinions
  • You seem to appreciate odd/amazing/unbelievable facts (me too!)

I appreciate all the good ideas everyone has given me so far. Keep them coming!

Anyone interested in planning the New Moon Party should meet me October 20th at 3:30 in the auditorium (it’s the same day as the video game afternoon). If you just want to attend the party please sign up. Space is limited! If you need help registering just let me know.

Finally, thank you to everyone who took my Banned Book Challenge. I will contact the winners next week. You still have time to take the challenge yourself. You can find them in the Teen Room.



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