Mondays with Megan

It’s that day of the week again…Monday. What a gorgeous sunny Monday it is. Almost nice enough to make me forget about my annoying crutches…but enough of that.

I know most people watched at least some of the Academy Awards last night, but since I hadn’t seen any of the movies I skipped it. Instead I watched Whip It, the  roller derby movie with Drew Berrymore and Ellen Page. It was very cute and I must admit the roller derby action was pretty cool. In fact, it inspired me to check out Cleveland’s own Burning River Roller Girls.

Over the weekend I finished up Jen Nadol’s The Mark, which is the first book in a series from this debut author. It was smart and serious and challenged me to think. What would I do if I could see when a person was going to die? Would I want to know if today was my last day? I am looking forward to Cassie’s story continuing.
I also finally got my hands on Ally Carter’s new book, Heist Society. Fan’s of the Gallagher Girls series will not be disappoint! If you haven’t read her first series I highly recommend you check it out. This new series features Kat Bishop, art thief, and her unusual family. Once again Ally Carter delivers a smart, funny, action-packed adventure starring one tough teenaged girl. What a great weekend for reading and it is only going to get better. I was lucky enough to get a hold of an advanced copy of a book that I am so excited to read! Sorry, can’t tell you what it is yet…how mysterious 😉

So, the reading list for the week looks like this:
To Finish: The Letter Writer by Ann Rinaldi and The Curse of the Blue Tattoo by L.A. Meyer
To Read: Exciting New Mystery Book and The War at Ellsmere by Erin Faith Hicks

Happy Reading



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