Mondays with Megan (on Tuesday, Again): May in Review

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. I sure did.  And now the countdown to summer vacation truly begins! Summer Reading begins in 13 days with a Dance Party at the library. Please stop by and check out our local DJ Bence Toth and be sure to sign up for the Teen Summer Reading Program. You get a treat just for signing up and I know most of you teens are required to read at least 2 books over the summer, so you may as well enter to win prizes just for doing your homework. How often does that opportunity come up? Hmm? The sign up sheet and entry forms will be available at the AV Desk starting June 14th.

Here is quick update on my reading goals for the year and May in Review:

As of June 1st I have read or listened to 71 books, which is almost half way to my goal of 150.
I have read 16 debut authors, which is 4 more than my goal of 12 for the year.
I have read 10 graphic novels and I have read plenty of mysteries, science fiction, fiction, and fantasy. I am still falling short in the Nonfiction category. I’ll have to work on that. I have gotten some great new nonfiction in recently. They are on display by the Teen Room, by the way. Check it out; I know I will. So, overall I think I am pretty darned good with my goals.

As for May, I am not sure what happened, but I only managed 11 books. Of those 11 my favorites were:
1. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
2. The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan
3. The Prince of the Mist By Carlos Ruiz Zafón
These 3 all got five hearts from me.
Looking for a good book? Check out my Book List Page. The most recent additions are Prince of the Mist, Whispers by Phoebe Kitanidis, and Her by Laura Zigman.

Currently Reading:  Claire De Lune by Christine Johnson and As Easy As Falling Off the Face of the Earth by Lynne Rae Perkins
Currently Listening To: Mississippi Jack by L.A. Meyer. This is book 5 in the Bloody Jack series, and I think it’s my favorite so far!
To Read: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard (the TV show based on this book series starts next week, so I had better hurry!)

Happy Reading!


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