Mondays with Megan: No Time to Read, But Plenty of Time to Listen

Hot dogs, bocce ball, bug bites, and fireworks-that was my weekend! I was so busy I didn’t have any time to read (gasp!). I did spend a lot of time driving to and from picnics, which meant lots of time with my dear friend, Jacky Faber! I am listening to Rapture of the Deep, in which Jacky is deep-sea diving for sunken treasures. It’s been a little over a year now since I began listening to books on cd and I just love it. Here at the library our audio and digital collections continue to grow and our download station is getting lots of use. Audio and digital books are especially convenient for “reading” on the go!

I recently learned that a company called SYNC is having a special summer audio event for teens. Every week from now until September 1 two teen titles will be available in MP3 format to download for free. Each week will feature a newer title and a classic. For more information and a complete list of free books check out this site. I highly recommend Bloody Jack, available July 15th. The Hunger Games, which is a summer reading choice (and a fantastic book), is available July 29th and Beastly, which has been made into a movie, will be available August 12th. If you miss any of these, don’t fret, free digital and audio books are available at the library year round!

Whether you download a book to your iPod or prefer the old-fashioned paper kind, this hot hot weather is a perfect excuse to crank up the AC and read!



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