Time to Brag

I just need to brag a little bit about how great the teens are here at the library. I am so close to reaching by goal of 200 teens signed up for Summer Reading! As of today there are 174 teens signed up! Now we all know that just because they signed up doesn’t mean they will continue to participate, so I decided to find out the “real” scoop on Summer Reading. Here are the numbers for the first half of the summer:

Total readers: 92
74% Girls
26% Boys

Total books read: 416
Most number of books read by 1 person: 34 (I am so impressed by this young man. That’s right, my top teen reader is a guy!)

With 4 more weeks worth of entries to add to these numbers I am pretty confident that I will be sporting some pirate gear and pink hair, and it’s totally worth it! These teens are awesome! Keep it up!

Stay cool this weekend-grab some books, find some AC and read! That’s my plan.

Happy Reading



One response to “Time to Brag

  1. Wow. That’s great. It is GREAT to hear positive remarks about the teens! Hard to remember they are a pretty amazing group of people. Go Megan.

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