Mondays With Megan, In Which I Reaffirm That The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series is Not For Me

Where has the summer gone?!? I can’t believe it is already August. I am sure many of you are dreading going back to school, but maybe knowing that I will be looking like a silly pink-haired pirate will help ease the feeling. That’s right, it’s official. As of today 207 teens have signed up and sealed my fate. Awesome work all you teen readers. If you haven’t joined there is still time. I still have one more weekly prize to give away before the grand prize drawing. Get those reading slips in for a chance to win. Enough about back to school, that’s weeks away. Put it out of your mind for now.

My last book read for the month of July was Linger, book 2 in The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater. You may recall that I was not a fan of the first book, Shiver. Still, I was willing to give this one a try. This book picks up right where the last one left off (***if you are planning to read Shiver you might want to stop reading!***). Sam and Grace are now together, but they still face many challenges. Sam is the new pack leader (even though he is no longer a wolf) and there are new wolves to look out for. Grace’s parents have forbidden the couple from seeing each other and Grace is plagued by illness. Even though I enjoyed the addition of Cole and Isabel’s expanded role, this still is not the series for me. I suspect we will be having another I’m Right, She’s Wrong post shortly! Stay tuned for round two of the debate.

And now for a sneak peek at upcoming Fall Teen Programs:

This year I am hosting a book club for 7th and 8th graders. Space is limited so be sure to watch the mail for your copy of the Inside View for all the registration information. I have already selected the first two books (you’ll have to wait a little while longer to find out what they are) and I am open to suggestions for the December book selection.

A free practice SAT test and review session is scheduled for September and I am taking early registration for that program. Again, registration is a must for this one too.

I will continue with the monthly video game days on the third Tuesday of every month and in November I will be having a program based on the show Minute to Win It. Finally, we will end the year with a holiday craft program (winter seems so far away right now!) For now enjoy the sunshine and free time!

Happy Reading


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