Mondays with Megan: What Do I Read Next?

Wow! All you folks having a snow day sure are lucky! I hope you have cozy blankets and slippers and a big old pile of books to read. Please let me live vicariously through you! Someone please take a nap for me and maybe enjoy some hot chocolate after you shovel my driveway…please? Ok, let me finish this so I can get back to my daydream.

This time of year is so busy that if it weren’t for audiobooks I don’t think I would get much reading done. However, I am pleased to report that I finally finished Dark Flame by Alyson Noel. Gosh, I struggled with this one. The first two books in the series were great and if I remember correctly, I enjoyed the third one as well. But book four, was not my favorite. I feel like this one was short on action and full of Ever whining. Things did pick up at the very end and I was actually surprised enough by the ending that I will eventually read the next book, Night Star. But for now, I think I need a break from Ever and Damen and all of their star-crossed lover/soul mate drama.

I am struggling to decide what to read next. As usual I have a huge To Be Read pile, but nothing is really demanding that I pick it up (how nice, I have a pile of quiet, patient books at home). I do have a couple of sequels that need my attention-Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick and Torment by Lauren Kate, but to be perfectly honest I am not sure I have the energy or focus to remember what happened in the first books to really enjoy the second books. So I think those will stay on the pile. I could start a fantasy book for our next department book club meeting. I am thinking about starting the Ranger’s Apprentice series, but if Matched by Ally Condie is waiting on my desk then that’s what I will be reading next!

I have a warm and fuzzy daydream to get back to so I will leave you with a reminder that tomorrow is the Teen Holiday Craft program at 3:30 in the auditorium (unless we are closed). Hope to see you there.

Stay tuned for more Top Ten List Outtakes! Stay warm and Happy Reading!



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