Introducing YA? Why Not?

I like to think that I am clever, even funny at times, but anyone looking at the name of this blog would probably say that I am delusional. Seriously, My Blog? Lame. Lazy. So not clever or funny. I am I totally aware of this. In my defense, it was supposed to be a place holder until the perfect name came to me (*ahem* What I mean is given to me by someone else). To my shame, I allowed it to sit there way too long. Honestly, I have never been good at naming things. When I was a kid my brother and I would play house. He was John, I was Susan. How original. In college someone gave me a cat. Unable to think of the perfect name my roommates and I pulled out a dictionary, opened to a random page and pointed. That’s how we ended up with a cat named Mandolin. After Mandolin came Lucy and Ritchie, until I finally accepted that I was not a cat person and stopped letting people dump their cats on me. The closest I came to cleverly naming something was my previously mentioned beloved Ciera, Ida. As in “Ida bought a better car if Ida had more money.” Seriously, that was my crowning glory. But I digress….The point of the story is that this no name blog finally got a name, no thanks to me. I owe my pal Stacey much thanks (and lots of fancy coffees) for the clever name YA? Why Not? The tag line is all mine. Check it out: A Teen Librarian Writes About Teen Reads. *sigh of relief, round of applause* If you have read this far, thank you. As a reward I present you with this book review:

Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey is the third book in The Drake Chronicles series. I have mentioned  this series before as a must-read for vampire lovers. The first two were fantastic and this third book does not disappoint.

Hunter Wild comes from a long line of vampire hunters. She is a star student at the Helios-Ra Academy. Quinn Drake comes from a long line of vampires. His mother has just been crowned Vampire Queen. He is a shameless flirt and self-proclaimed ladies man. These two couldn’t be more different, but they share a common enemy, the deadly and feral vampires known as the Hel-Blar. Inevitably their paths cross and sparks fly.

The romance is steamy (the sexual content is limited to some sizzling kissing), but it is not the main storyline. The Hel-Blar are a dangerous threat, but something sinister is also happening on the Helios-Ra campus. Students are mysteriously falling ill and Hunter’s best friend Chloe is suddenly acting very strange. Loyalties are tested, authority is questioned, shocking betrayals are unveiled and new alliances are formed in this action-packed installment of the series.

I think this book is my favorite so far. I just loved Hunter. She is strong and smart and hilarious. I love that she is a loyal friend and a role model at her school. I love that she does not immediately swoon over the totally hot vampire (but eventually comes to her senses ;)). She is a fierce and fantastic heroine. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I have to say, her interactions with her grandfather at the end of the book sealed the deal for me-I love this girl’s moxie! Characters like Hunter are what take these books out of the “fluff” realm and give them real substance. I can’t recommend these books enough. Ok, enough gushing! Go read this series.

Give this series to fans of Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, and The Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter (no vampires, but totally cool tough girl spy action)

I want to thank Ms. Harvey for revealing that the next book in the series will be from the point of view of Lucy (another totally touch chick), Connor (Quinn’s twin), and a new character. So excited.

Happy Reading!



One response to “Introducing YA? Why Not?

  1. Another series I may have to start uh-oh 🙂

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