Mondays With Megan-Teen Room Makeover

Hi Everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was so relaxing it’s a wonder I remained conscious. Seriously, I vegged out on the couch and watched TV shows on DVD, read an ARC (maybe I will tell you about it soon), and played Scrabble on Facebook. I ran some errands, did laundry, walked the dog and even worked out, but it’s like my brain totally shut that stuff out and only remembers the relaxing bits. Thank you brain, I needed that.

 My weekend totally reenergized me and I was ready to tackle my To Do list today.  At the top-rearrange all the books in the Teen section at work. I got new drawer a couple of weeks ago and they have been sitting empty just begging for my attention. I am so excited about the changes that I took pictures!

New drawers! This is where all the manga is now. I love it. Thank you Paul for helping me move everything and thank you Stacey for putting them spine-out.

This is my favorite change. Look at all those colorful and eye-catching graphic novels! I moved them out of the corner, gave them some prime real estate and there is plenty of room to display them face-out. Fingers crossed that they see more action here.

Look at all the room my Books on CD have! Look at all the room to grow. In fact, I think it’s time to go shopping!

This is where graphic novels and manga used to be. I think Science Fiction will be very happy in its new home. It’s been a good day.

I promise to have a book review or two this week. Pinky swear.

Happy Reading!



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