Margaret Peterson Haddix is Coming to Rocky River!

The countdown has begun…it is exactly one week until acclaimed Ohio author, Margaret Peterson Haddix, will be here at Rocky River Public Library! Mark your calendars all you local readers for Wednesday, March 2 at 7pm in the auditorium. Ms. Haddix will be talking about the stories behind her stories (I can’t wait to hear her answers to our book club questions). She will also be signing books and answering questions. Borders will be here offering 10% off Ms. Haddix’s books.

Not familiar with her books? Well, she has written over 25 books for children and teens. She has been on the New York Times bestseller list and has received international book awards. Here are some of her most popular books:

The Shadow Children series, beginning with Among the Hidden is a science fiction series about a society that only allows families to have two children. In this series a third born child is on the run from thePopulation Police. There is plenty of action and adventure here!

The Missing series which starts with the book Found, is about an adopted teen who begins receiving mysterious letters telling him he is “one of the missing” and “they’re coming back to get you.” He soon finds himself in caught in a mystery involving the FBI, an illegal smuggling ring, and planes (and people) that can appear and disappear seemingly at will. This series is perfect for fans of time travel and historical fiction.

Into the Gauntlet is the tenth and final book in the 39 Clues series. Fans of this series will not want to mis the conclusion to Amy and Dan’s around-the-world search for clues-it is full of surprises!

Not into Science Fiction? No problem!

Try Just Ella, a continuation of the Cinderella story in which Prince Charming may not be the perfect man after all! Palace of Mirrors is another princess story full of danger and impostors. Ms. Haddix also writes about child abuse, losing a parent,  kidnapping, child stars, cloning and other scientific experiments. There really is something for everyone.

I hope you’ll join us for an evening with Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Happy Reading!



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