Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Ok, Old Man Winter, you have made your point, you are totally bada**. This weather is even wearing me, a life-long Clevelander and no stranger to snow, down. I am not complaining, I’m just saying…thanks for the snow day!! As the wind howled and snow piled up in annoyingly high drifts in my driveway, I hunkered down with a blanket and a pile of books. I managed to cross off three books from my TBR pile yesterday! First up, a perfect get yourself in the mood for summer read:

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

It has been three months since the accident that killed Amy Curry’s father. It has been a month since her mother moved to Connecticut, leaving Amy behind in California to finish school. Now, summer vacation has finally arrived and Amy has been ordered to pack up the car and join her mom. Since Amy has stopped driving since the accident her mother has recruited the help of her friend’s son, Roger. Roger is a college freshman who is planning to spend the summer with his father in Philadelphia. With Roger in the driver’s seat and mom’s emergency credit card the pair sets out on a carefully planned, and perfectly boring road trip across the country. It doesn’t take long for them to get off track and embark on a more exciting (and emotionally cathartic) journey. Their journey leads them to places like Yosemite, Graceland, Kentucky, Amy’s brother’s rehab facility, Maryland, and eventually their final destinations. Both teens are wrestling with personal demons and together they might just find their way home.

I loved this sweet and moving road trip novel! Bits of Amy’s journal, along with pictures, doodles, receipts, and playlists provide levity to an often serious story. Amy is broken and suffering from survivor’s guilt. Roger is stinging from a recent rejection and an unexplained break-up. The romance between the two is predictable and inevitable, but tender and touching nonetheless as it slowly and seemingly unconsciously grows. The people they meet while on the road are as important to the story as the stops they make, especially Bronwyn, Drew, and Lucien. This is a perfect summer romance/road trip novel. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to pack up your car and hit the open road. Buckle up, you are in for a treat.

For more tales from the road check out The Miles Between by Mary Pearson, Going Bovine by Libba Bray, How to Be Bad by E. Lockhart, Hit the Road by Caroline B. Cooney


The biggest complaint that I have with the story is that Amy and Roger sleep together. There is no big, graphic sex scene, everything is just implied, but only a day after they realize they have feelings for each other they sleep together. I don’t think it was necessary for the story, and a bit contradictory to Amy’s previous reaction to sleeping with her boyfriend.

So, that was the first on three books that I finished on my snow day. I also read the first Scott Pilgrim graphic novel and Sequins, Secrets, and Silver Linings by Sophia Bennett. I should have more to say on them this week.

Happy Reading!


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