Get Ready for a Read-a-Thon!

I learned about Dewey’s Read-a-Thon last October and have been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to participate in this biannual event. It’s almost time for the April Read-a-Thon, and despite the fact that I have to work during a big chunk of the event, I am going to join in the fun. I have already registered (I think I am #74 on the list) and am working on my strategy and TBR list. Are you interested in a 24 hour Read-a-Thon? Want more info? Head on over to the official Read-a-Thon site now and join me. This is a great opportunity to tackle your TBR pile, wins some awesome prizes, and discover some cool new book blogs. Mark your calendar, April 9th is right around the corner.

Stay tuned for more Read-a-Thon news and my Read-a-Thon book list.

Happy Reading!



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