What to Read Next?

My reading pile is getting dangerously close to tipping over and burying me alive! I have got to do something about it, but I am not sure which of my “what to read next” techniques to employ. I have a number of highly unscientific and totally random methods to keeping my TBR pile out of the danger zone. First, books I am dying to read are always at the top. Forget about wait lists, due dates and sleep, if it’s a must read, then I see no choice in the matter. I must read it. If there are no highly anticipated, sleep deprivation-worthy books on my pile I move on to other means of decision-making. Sometimes I like to see how I am doing on my goals. For example, I noticed that I did not read any historical fiction in February, so my next book might be historical fiction (I know there’s one somewhere in that pile!). Or I might look at how many times I have renewed an item. If I have renewed it more than once I like to either read it or give up the idea that I will read it any time soon. Due dates are another good determining factor. What ever has the nearest due date automatically gets moved to the top of the pile. This method often involves a second and third step. Step one, move the soon-to-be-due to the top. Step two, try to renew. Step three, read items that fail to renew, and be quick about it because someone else wants that book! I have also been known to do a little eeny-meeny-miny-mo. Do you have a tried and true method for picking your next books? If so, please share!

Happy Reading!




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