Helloooo? Anybody Out There?

Hi everyone (or should I say, hi reader 1 and 2?)! Seriously, where is everybody? Did you all start your St. Patty’s Day festivities early this year? Here in Cleveland it is a gorgeous day for a parade (if you’re into that sort of thing), but this lucky Irish gal is working and looking forward to corned beef and soda bread for dinner.

Here’s a little Irish tune from The Three Irish Tenors to help you pass the day:

Looking for an Irish read? Try Siobhan Dowd. Her novels Bog Child and A Pure Swift Cry painfully but beautifully portray life in 1980’s Ireland. She is the also the author of Solace of the Road, which was published posthumously and I have not read.

A Pure Swift Cry tells the heartbreaking story of Shell who is left to care for her younger siblings and their alcoholic father after their mother dies. The one bright spot in her life is her relationship with Declan and a budding friendship with a young priest. Things quickly fall apart when Declan leaves to find his fortune in America and a pregnant Shell finds her self at the center of a devastating scandal.

In Bog Child 18-year old Fergus finds himself and his family directly involved in the battle over Northern Ireland. At his age he should be focusing on finishing school and learning to drive. Instead he and his uncle discover a body buried in a peat bog and the mystery surrounding the body haunts his. To complicate matters tensions are mounting around the country and he finds himself acting as a messenger for Sinn Fein while his imprisoned brother participates in the hunger strike led by Bobby Sands.

Happy Reading!



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