Mondays with Megan: Talking about meeting Carrie Ryan

It’s true what they say about teaching an old dog new tricks-Lexi refused to learn how to drive for my trip to Cincinnati. Before jumping to her defense with the whole opposable thumbs argument, I would like to remind you all that I have the world’s most stubborn dog and I think she won’t drive out of spite. But you are not here to read about my canine conundrums. You want to know about meeting Carrie Ryan. So, without further ado (or dog related insanity) I present to you my afternoon with Carrie Ryan and 40 other fans.

Here is the lovely display of Carrie Ryan’s books. Looking at the picture now I realize that there is not a copy of The Dead-Tossed Waves standing up for you to see. It’s a shame, because it’s a creepy cool cover. Also, check out the new cover for the paperback of The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Personally, I am not a fan. I like the original cover better. But that’s neither here nor there. What’s between the covers is the same zombie-licious story.

Here’s the lovely Carrie Ryan herself, signing away! She was kind enough to sign a book for me and a book for me to give away for summer reading. I also picked up some cool swag-bookmarks and a couple of buttons.

Given what I know about Ms. Ryan and her fearless ability to make terrible things happen to her beloved characters, I must confess that I am scared to read this. But….

….maybe it will be okay? Maybe it will be a Tinkerbell situation. Maybe if I believe in hope enough it will be okay? Maybe? Please? *sigh* It’s not going to be okay, is it? I CAN’T WAIT!

Carrie Ryan is a brilliant storyteller, both in print and in person, so I don’t want to ruin anything for those of you who may see her. BUT, I will say that she filled us in on the origins of her zombie obsession. She swears she’s a romantic (you wouldn’t really think so from her books) and maybe she is. She did marry the man who took her to her first zombie flick after all. That’s kind of sweet. I personally had a moment of silent bonding with her when she described a childhood trauma involving a teenaged babysitter and a horror movie. Carrie, my dad let me watch Amityville Horror when I was six or seven. I feel your pain. She talked about her journey to becoming a writer-and a New York Times Bestselling author at that-with her Ten Year Plan (she could have called it a Five Year Plan, because that’s all the time she needed to make it big). She talked about her writing process and told stories about her grandma and husband and cat. She talked about zombies. She talked about making her characters do more than just surviving. She talked about hope. She was amazing.

What she didn’t talk about is her next book. That’s right, there is a next book! She said the next book is done and awaiting a title. It will be available next summer and it is dark, paranormal, gothic, and there is kissing. Friend, fellow author and writing partner, Saundra Mitchell, was on hand to confirm that the next book is awesome. BTW, I have only heard fantastic things about Saundra Mitchell’s new book, The Vespertine. It is currently in my house just waiting for me to read it. Hopefully the upcoming Read-a-thon will help.

In the meantime, you can find more zombie stories by Carrie Ryan in a number of new anthologies. Find her in Zombies vs Unicorns, Kiss Me Deadly, and Enthralled.

I will leave you with this final thought. While she did not give anything away about The Dark and Hollow Places, Carrie Ryan described the book like this:

She decided to take “seven million zombies, throw them at the world and see what happens.” I should find out this week.

Happy Reading!



4 responses to “Mondays with Megan: Talking about meeting Carrie Ryan

  1. I hope in my next life that I am a teen librarian. I’ve got a giant stack sitting next to my bed – and I love it! It was nice meeting you on Sunday. Hope to see you at a different signing!

  2. I wish I could win the summer reading book!!

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