Earth Day Craft at the Library

It appears that spring is refusing to come to Cleveland. Hmmph. Well today we brought spring to the library! In honor of Earth Day, Spring Break, and Just for the Heck of It, me and Stacey and a few crafty teens decoupaged clay pots and planted flowers. This project was super quick and easy and used materials that we already had on hand (except for the potting soil and seeds).

What you need:
1. Clay pots
2. Tissue paper
3. Modge Podge (or make your own with white glue and a little water)
4. Sponge brushes
5. Potting soil
6. Seeds or plants of your choice. We used sunflowers, daisies, cat nip, and basil

Pots+Glue+Tissue Paper=


 I recommend more than one layer of tissue paper. Depending on the amount of glue used (a little goes a long way), these will dry in about 30 minutes. We stuffed the bottom with bubble wrap, filled with soil and seeds, water and viola-Earth Day craft!

I am off tomorrow, but maybe I will have a review ready for Saturday.

Happy Reading!



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