Mondays with Megan Summer Reading Extravaganza!

Today is the day! Our library-wide summer reading program has begun and this little place is crazy busy. It’s so easy to participate. Just for signing up teens will get an awesome bag and some candy (who doesn’t need a little sweet treat?). While you are here grab some entry forms and then get reading. Fill out a slip for every book you read and stuff it in the raffle box. I am going to give away a basket jam-packed with goodies every week. You’ll definitely find books in the baskets, you’ll probably find a signed book, and depending on the week you may find a beach towel, a lava lamp, a tie-dyed tshirt, candy, toys, and coupons for free stuff. I have books signed by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Michael Grant, Scott Westerfeld, Cinda Williams Chima, and Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Once you have signed up and gotten goodies, go out and read. It’s that easy and almost anything counts-books, graphic novels, books on cd, and playaways. The only things that don’t count are comic books and magazines (but please keep reading them).

This program is open to all teens in grades 6-12. Unfortunately for all you far away readers, you have to be able to come into the library to join. I should do something about that. Once this really busy week is over I will start working on my first ever contest/giveaway.

Ok, I can’t concentrate any more so it’s time to say…

Happy Reading!


I apologize for spelling errors, spell check isn’t working and I am too impatient to wait.

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