Top Ten Tuesday-Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger and Bookish Person


It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday list, hosted by the bloggers at The Broke and The Bookish. They are celebrating their one year blogoversary (congrats) with lots of great interviews, cool giveaways, and this Top Ten topic: Reasons to love being a book blogger and/or a bookish person. Since I am both, this should be a piece of cake.

Reasons I love blogging:

1. Blogging has introduced me to other fantastic book blogs where I get reliable reviews, great program ideas, and chances to win cool prizes. I like prizes.

2. Blogging about books helps me to develop and refine my readers advisory skills. Sometimes I think I need all that help I can get. Honestly there are times when I wish “Read this, it is so awesome, trust me” was sufficient. But sadly, people tend to want to know why a book was so awesome…Fair enough.

3. I get to make fun lists. Seriously, this is a reason I love blogging. Lists. I am already planning my end of the year favorites lists. I am thinking top 11 in 2011, favorite debut authors, favorite…ahem. Focus.

4. Blogging, while difficult in the beginning, has become a creative outlet for me. I’ll never write the next Great American Novel, but you can be sure I will say something clever or funny in a blog every now and then. I am totally ok with that.

5. Readers. I love that people actually read this blog. I am always amazed and excited when I look (obsess over) at my site stats and see the traffic my posts get. I also love when people leave comments. I try to leave comments whenever I visit someone else’s blog because I always appreciate it when others do that for me.

6. Blogging about books challenges me to think critically, write clearly, and read outside my comfort zone.

Reasons I love being a bookish person:

7. I am never bored. I always have a book handy and a mountain of a TBR list!

8. I love discovering a new author, a new series, the next MUST HAVE read and then sharing it with others.

9. My bookish nature (thank you, mom) helped me finally settle on a career. After a lot of school, a lot of floundering, and many unfulfilling jobs, I finally found librarianship. Bingo.

10. My need to read constantly (while in the car, while walking the dog, while painting the bedroom…) led me to audiobooks and reminded me that children are not the only ones who enjoy listening to a good story.

Happy Reading!



3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday-Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger and Bookish Person

  1. You are right on all scores. I like your comment about how everyone loves a good story.

  2. Great list – and I totally understand the love of list making! I have a favorites of 2011 in my head as well, but I don’t know how I’ll whittle it down to only 11!

  3. Numbers 1 & 3! Yes! Lists and prizes are always fun. Great list.

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