Haven by Kristi Cook-Guest Review

 My intern Cassie was kind enough to leave me with a book review to use. How lucky for me, since I won’t be at work today or tomorrow. I haven’t read this myself yet, but here are Cassie’s thoughts about:

Haven by Kristi Cook:

Violet McKenna has never felt she fit in anywhere, and having the ability to see premonitions, especially foreseeing her father’s murder coming true, she wishes she was normal. But when she sees a brochure for Winterhaven Boarding School, she has an unexplainable attachment to it and tells her stepmother she wants to go. Violet soon realizes that Winterhaven is not a normal school, but a haven for kids who have special abilities just like her. When she meets the devastatingly handsome Aiden Gray, there is an electric and mesmerizing attraction to one another. But soon Violet foresees blood and death in Aiden’s future and learns that he is not what he seems. But with this new revelation, Violet learns of her true destiny.

As a person who is a sucker for romance, vampire stories, and tales of lore, I did find this book entertaining. Right away I figured out the mystery that is the oh so charmingly Aiden and was immediately sucked into the story line (no pun intended). If you like to read stories that are filled with action (it is Buffy the Vampire Slayer-ish), mystery, romance, vampires, werewolves, psychic powers, and a strong group of friends, then this book is a tantalizingly and suspenseful good read.

Other read-a-likes you might like: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, Fallen by Lauren Kate, and Clarity by Kim Harrington

Happy Reading!



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