How to Get Out of a Reading Rut


I have about 20 library books at home, I have recently purchased at least that many, my TBR list is always growing, and I have a book club book that needs to be read and yet, I am in a rut. I think it started last week with Rot & Ruin. Despite my love of zombies and all the rave reviews, I could not get into this enormous book. I tried. Really, I did. So, over the weekend I set it aside (not quite ready to abandon it) and tried something else, and another something else and another…until I finally found a book that held my interest for more than ten pages. My relief was short-lived. Yesterday on my way to work I realized that I was not enjoying my audiobook. I spent all day feeling anxious about what I should pick to replace it. I am pleased to report that I once again found the book that I needed and I am completely free of my reading rut. What did I pick?

Currently reading: A Gentleman of Fortune, or, The Suspicions of Miss Dido Kent by Anna Dean. This sequel to Bellfield Hall is a charming Jane Austen-esque mystery.


Currently listening to: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling.

I chose each of these books for different reasons. I chose A Gentleman of Fortune because it is not YA. The majority of what I read is YA, and I love it. However, sometimes I miss reading a good “grown up” book. I have also been going through a bit of an anglophile phase (I have recently enjoyed the BBC show Sherlock, a young Sherlock Holmes mystery, and Downton Abbey), so it was a natural fit. The book is clever, charming, and fun and a welcome break from all the awesome YA dystopian I have been reading.

I chose Harry Potter because it is familiar. The sonorous voice of Jim Dale is just an added bonus. I have read all the books and seen all the movies and I know exactly what is going to happen next. I am enjoying the fact that I don’t have to concentrate to hard on what is going on. It’s a fun vacation for my brain.

I have found the perfect books to get me out of my rut, but there is one more thing I need to do. I need to return all of my library books and start fresh. It’s hard for me to do that, but it has to be done. Actually, I am kind of excited to have a whole new stack of books to neglect, I mean read. So, if you find yourself in a reading rut my advice to you is to ignore the books you currently have and choose something that is either familiar and comfortable or something you don’t normally read.

Happy Reading!


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