My Comic Collection Gets a Reboot

Inspired by DC Comics’ decision to reboot all 52 of its continual series, I have given my comic book collection a face lift. I got rid of all the grubby (read: well-read, or much-loved) volumes, cancelled some not-so-popular titles, added some exciting new titles, and put up some fresh signage. I have a couple of clever coworkers to thank for the awesome new labels. See for yourself how cool this is:

What do those labels say, you ask? Well, here are a couple that I am most excited about:






Have you seen the new Aquaman?



The new Aquaman starts September 28th. I’ll be checking that one out!






That’s not the only new title in the collection.

I hear that Thor, the movie is awesome. Why not start reading the comic?




How about some Captain America action? Are you familiar with Deadpool? Talk about a crazy back story!




I’ll confess, I’m pretty excited about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!



Other new titles include Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Stormwatch. Don’t worry, you can still find Archie, Betty, Betty and Veronica, Looney Tunes, Sonic, and the Simpsons! There’s something for everyone here.

Happy Reading!



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