Drawing My Own Conclusions: Comic Book Reviews by a Non-Comic Connoisseur

I know I have talked quite a bit about comic books lately, but I just can’t help it. They are all so new and exciting to me. I know, I know, once again late to the party, but I am here now! Now, there are plenty of people out there who know a heck of a lot more about this than I do writing comic book reviews, but I am hoping my newbie status will be charming (or at least not as intimidating. Have you seen some of these sites? Wow!). Anyway. This week I read two of the new 52 from DC Comics. I am dismally unaware of superhero history so I am happy about this relaunch. The heroes and there stories are starting fresh.

First up, Batgirl

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Gotham City’s police commissioner. She is also Batgirl. Issue 1 takes place three years after Barbara was shot and paralyzed during a home invasion by the Joker. Babs is back on her feet, literally, but soon discovers her superhero skills are a bit rusty. While she manages to stop a double homicide, she finds she is not so prepared to deal with The Mirror.

I really liked the first issue of the new Batgirl. I think the cover is beautiful and the art between the covers is just as wonderful. Barbara Gordon is young and cute, but Batgirl is stunning and fully clothed, which has just got to make fighting crime so much easier! As for the story, there was a lot going on in a small package, but it wasn’t confusing. I really enjoyed Batgirl’s inner dialogue and little pep talks and her motorcycle is pretty darn cool! The cliffhanger ending really surprised me, which I suppose is exactly the point of a cliffhanger. I will definitely pick up the next issue because I want to know:

1. Why is Barbara Gordon on The Mirror’s hit list?
2. How will the tense scene at the end be resolved (that’s all I am saying, no spoiler here.)
3. How will Barbara Gordon juggle her new roommate and her secret Batgirl life?

I definitely give the new Batgirl two thumbs up.

It’s getting late and I am daydreaming about my vacation, so you’ll have to wait to hear my thoughts on the new Justice League.

Happy Reading!



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