The Siege of Macindaw, The Ranger’s Apprentice #6 Review

The Siege of Macindaw by John Flanagan, 2006

This sixth book in The Ranger’s Apprentice series picks up where The Sorcerer of the North leaves off. Castle Macindaw has been seized by the traitorous Sir Keren and Alyss is being held prisoner. When Will discovers that Sir Keren has made a secret alliance with the Scotti, who plan to attack Araluean, he must quickly assemble a crew to reclaim the castle and free Alyss. Deep in the mysterious forest, with the help of Malcolm the Healer, Will organizes a small group of new allies and some old friends on his most dangerous mission of his new Ranger career.

Fans of this series will find more fast-paced action and even greater character development. In this sixth installment Will has become a thoughtful leader. Impulsive actions are left in his past as he spends a great deal of time thinking through his actions and potential consequences, often to the frustration of his men. The reunion between Will and Horace provides welcomed comic relief throughout the tension-filled novel. As always, Will is surrounded by a host of interesting and well-developed secondary characters. Among them Sir Keren is by far one of the most interesting as there is more to this villain than meets the eye. This is an excellent addition to the Ranger’s Apprentice series.

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Happy Reading!



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