Mini-Challenge Picture Titles

Time to pause and participate in a mini-challenge. This one is all about using pictures to describe a book title. We (Stacey’s here with me!) picked four titles, two teen and two adult.

The first teen book is a hard one!

Hints: The first image is the first two works of the title and the last 3 each represent a syllable of the last word.

        +  +

The second teen title should be easier!


The first adult title is tricky!


Phew! Did that make any sense?

Now for an easy one:


Ok, back to reading, Anna Dressed in Blood is getting super creepy!

Happy Reading!

˜Megan and Stacey


3 responses to “Mini-Challenge Picture Titles

  1. Those were a challenge.
    Hold Me Closer, Necromancer
    The Clockwork Prince
    Gone With A Handsomer Man
    The Night Circus
    Hope your reading is going well!

  2. HAHAHA!!!! I loved the puzzle for clockwork prince. That totally made my day!!! *wipes tear* Keep up the reading!

  3. Wow, awesome puzzles! I only got a few, Clockwork Prince, Hold Me Closer. Thanks for playing!

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