Drawing My Own Conclusions-TMNT #2

Here is the scoop on issue 2 of the new TMNT

This issue has three distinct storylines. The first story involves Raphael and his new friend, Casey Jones. I won’t spoil how they meet, but through their meeting we learn that Raphael is homeless and has lost his memory. The last page of this issue shows the new friends about to head out to get something to eat. Based on what Casey returns wearing, I think Raphael and Casey may have different ideas for the night.

The second storyline is a flashback to how the turtles came to be. April is working late at the lab when Splinter the rat brings her a top-secret disc containing the info about the terrapin/human ex0-armor. There are ninjas, a get-away gone wrong, a tragic spill and voilà, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a giant talking rat sensei. We also learn how Raphael came to be separated from his brothers. Very clever.

Finally, we get a little present day action with the other turtles. While they are frustrated with their fruitless search for their brother, Splinter remains hopeful about a reunion. He also foretells a grave future with many enemies. Hmm…

More TMNT awesomeness. I am a big fan of the rebooted storyline. I like getting little glimpses of the past mashed up with the present. It’s like a little secret begin revealed one bit at a time. I can’t wait to find out about Raphael and Casey’s big night out and I am so curious to find out what April did after the break-in. And of course, Splinter’s grave prediction is bound to come true sooner or later, so there are awesome street battles to look forward to. I am sticking with the heroes in a half-shell. Next on my list: Superman Action Comics #2 and Wonder Woman #1.

Happy Reading!


One response to “Drawing My Own Conclusions-TMNT #2

  1. I keep hemming and hawing about this title. I should give it a shot. I’m loving Action Comics and Wonder Woman! 2 of my fave new 52 books.

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