Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Want at My Turkey Dinner

I am thankful for many things this year, but two days before Thanksgiving I am thankful for my large family and my tiny house and my bread assignment for the feast. That’s it. Show up. Bring bread. Life is good. I will take a little break from thinking about bread to whip up a Top Ten Tuesday list. The folks over at The Broke and the Bookish want to know which authors I would invite to share Thanksgiving dinner me (and my family?).

1. Michael Grant. I may be a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Mr. Grant. I have mentioned before that I find him to be a bit of a genius. He is also charming and funny and he would probably bring a quality adult beverage to the feast. Maybe he’ll give some hints about how on Earth he is ever going to wrap up the Gone series? No wait, I don’t want to know. But I do. *sigh* This meal hasn’t even started and I already look crazy.

2. Kiersten White. She has taken a blogging hiatus and I miss her special brand of funny. She should come to my feast and make us all laugh. Of course, I may ask her to leave her pink Tasey in the car…

3. Scott Westerfeld. Now that the Leviathan series is done I want to know what his next big project will be. At the signing that I went to with him he told fascinating stories. I would like more.  

4. Leila Sales. Sure her books Mostly Good Girls and Past Perfect are cute and funny and pretty awesome, but have you seen her blog? It’s hilarious. Please check out The Leila Texts for a full explaination of this blog. Basically she reposts and comments on texts that are sent to her by mistake. Good stuff folks. Hilarious.

5. L.A. Meyer. The man is a mystery to me. It appears that he lives a pretty quiet life in Maine, where he operates an art gallery, paints, and writes the amazing Bloody Jack series. I’ll bet he has some great stories to tell.

6. Carrie Ryan. It’s always a good idea to have a zombie apocalypse expert on hand, don’t you think?

7. Bill Willingham. I have recently become addicted to his Fables series. I’m thinking it’s time we hang out.

8. Ally Carter. Combine her seemingly endless spy-girl knowledge and Carrie’s zombie expertise, my guests will no doubt all be safe should a zombie apocalyse occur. Not sure why this is on my mind, but it’s best to be prepared, right? Also, I feel like I have gone TOO LONG without an Ally Carter book.

9. Rick Riordan. Ok, this whole new quest thing has me really nervous for Percy and I need some reassurance that things are going to be fine. They are going to be fine, right? Please come to dinner and be funny and also reassuring, ok? Thanks.

10. Myra McEntire. I fell in love with Hourglass, now I think I need to get to know the genius behind it a little better.

The theme of my feast appears to be humor (and zombie safety). I’m quite pleased with my list and I am sure my sister won’t mind if I bring along ten extra guest!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Want at My Turkey Dinner

  1. Oh, I love Scott Westerfeld and Ally Carter! I’d probably need a second house for all the authors I’d want to invite, haha. Great list! (:

  2. I love Scott Westerfeld and Ally Carter! I’d probably need a second house for all the authors I’d want to invite, haha. Great list! (:

  3. I don’t have 10, but I would like Nora Roberts, Jane Austin, JK Rawlings, Stephen King and Tolkien.

    Here’s My Post

  4. Oh Percy. Are you reading The Heroes of Olympus series? I’m really intrigued and wondering what’s about to happen next 🙂

  5. Hi, this is Julie, from I saw your comment on my list, and I wanted to check out yours too.

    Ally Carter is SUCH a good choice. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that one! She would be so fun to have at dinner. Except that I would half-expect her to sneak out in the middle, off on some secret mission. Haha.

  6. Thanks for commenting on my list. Ha ha I love your reason for having Carrie Ryan at the dinner table! I’m just off to check the link about you meeting her in real life.

    Jenny – Chocolate Chunky Munkie

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