My 2011 Reading In Review

Way back in January I set some reading goals for myself. In order to meet those goals I joined a bunch of reading challenges. Well, today is judgment day. How did I do? Before I continue I would like to apologize for the lack of pictures and graphics in this post, but I promise if you continue to the end there will be a very adorable and totally non-book related picture for you.

Challenge #1: Audiobooks 360+/200 hours

I signed up to listen to 200 hours. I seriously underestimated this one. In fact, I can’t even add up the hours listened. I listened to 45 audiobooks. If each one is about 8 hours that means I listened to at least 360 hours of audio. That is a lot of driving and dog walking! The lame part? I think I checked in with the challenge host 2-3 times.

Challenge #2: 2011 Debut Authors Challenge 18/27

I signed up to read 27, which is how many 2010 debut books I read last year. I am not sure why I did not meet this goal. Again, I did not check in with the host.

Challenge # 3: Goodreads Challenge Yourself to Read More 203/200

I rocked this one! I still can’t believe I read 203 books this year. I am not sure how to feel about it either. On the one hand, I read some awesome books. On the other hand, could I have been doing other equally awesome things instead? Hmm.

Challenge #4: Graphic Novel Challenge 58/10

This is another challenge I dominated. I discovered that I LOVE graphic novels. I checked in with the host once or twice. Are you noticing a patteren here? I am.

Challenge #5: YA Historical Fiction Challenge 11/12

I was so closes with this one. Despite not meeting the specific goals of thechallenge, I read a lot of HFIC this year. In addition to the 11 YA books, I read eight adult historical fiction novels. That is huge for me. Again, I did not check in with the host.

I had other reading goals that I did not actually put in writing. I wanted to find a better balance between my adult and YA reading. I was incredibly successful in that venture. I read or listened to 60 adult books and graphic novels. I also wanted to read more nonfiction. I read seven works of nonfiction. Last year I read six, so that’s an improvement, right?

And now for your promised dose of adorable:

That’s my dog Lexi in her Christmas finery, enjoying her present from Santa. Cute, right? But you were promised adorable! Fine. Check this out:

 That’s Cleo. She’s new to the fam (my brother’s pup, not mine) and freaking adorable.

Happy Reading!


2 responses to “My 2011 Reading In Review

  1. Wow! Well done on the audiobooks and graphic novel challenges! I, too, have a habit of not checking in with the hosts. Maybe we’ll have better luck next year. 🙂 And Cleo is seriously adorable!

  2. Great job! And your dogs are adorable!

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