Fantastic Finds Friday-Roman Dirge’s Lenore

I was out on an end-of-the-year book buying mission and I could not pass up these books. Yes, I totally judged the books by the covers, but you have to admit the titles are pretty snazzy too! Sorry for the small pictures. The titles, in order, are Noogies, Wedgies, and Cooties. Tee hee.

I wasn’t until they landed on my desk and I started reading that I discovered that Lenore is not new. I did a little pokin’ around on the old internet and learned that Lenore first appeared in 1992, but it wasn’t until 1998 that she got her own comic series, which ran until 2007. Then in 2009 her story started up again and we now have them beautifully bound as Noogies, Wedgies, and Cooties. On his blog Dirge describes Lenore as both horror and dark humor. I like. It doesn’t hurt that Lenore is reanimated, has a cast of bizarro friends, and is prone to potty humor and murder.

I have only rifled through the first volume, but I am so pleased with this fantastic find. I especially like this quote from the Los Angeles Times: “Sweet and strange and slightly discomforting…An unholy union between Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss.” I plan to savor these over the weekend. I will probably also be spending some time exploring Spookyland, Lenore’s online home.

Happy Reading!



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