Mondays with Megan: It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey. The YA and MG lists are also linked at Teach Mentor Texts. This is my first time joining it and I am so grateful because my Currently Reading list feels like it is a mile long and I don’t have any reviews ready. It was a busy weekend-work, grandma’s 90th birthday party (my gma is super cool!) and my sister visiting from Montana left little time to make a dent in my reading. So, here is what I have going on right now.

My At Work Lunch/Dinner/Break Book:

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler is about teens Emma and Josh and a computer glitch that allows them to have access to Facebook, despite the fact that the year is 1996.

I have mixed feelings about this one, but I am hooked enough to want to see it through to the end. Also, while the characters are looking into the future, I am enjoying the walk down memory lane!

My Before Bed Book:

The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart is the first in the Ruby Oliver series and details the romantic ups and downs of one Seattle teen.

I picked this one as part of my resolution to let others have a turn being first with hot new releases while I read books that currently hanging out on the shelf ready for some attention. I am definitely a fan of Ruby and plan to read the rest of the series.

My Audio Book for the Car:

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson is the story of Isabel, a slave girl living in New York at the beginning of the American Revolution.

This one has been languishing on my TBR pile for ages! Since I have recently realized that I don’t dislike historical fiction (you follow that?), I have been looking to beef up my reading in that area. So far I am enjoying this book very much, and learning some new things in the process. I will most certainly continue on with Forge when I am finished.

My Walking the Dog Audio Book:

Just Breathe, by Susan Wiggs is a contemporary romance about a woman building a new life following her divorce.

It is light and sweet and predictable. It’s not the best book ever, but it is an excellent companion during a cold walk.

My e-book:

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is the classic tale of the March sisters and their lives during the Civil War.

I vowed to read this book this year…finally. I am not promising speed, but I will read it. Heads up Ender’s Game, I am coming for you next!

The Book I Started, Put Down, and Desperately Want to Go Back To:

A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin is the second book in the Songs of Ice and Fire series.

Looking ahead I need (and want) to reread Five Flavors of Dumb for book club, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, The Woman in Black by Susan Hill, and a very exciting ARC that I am not sure I can mention yet.

What are you reading?

Happy Reading!


7 responses to “Mondays with Megan: It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. Wow-I thought I read a lot of books all at the same time, but you have me beat. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would reply that since you haven’t read either of the Schmidt books that you read The Wednesday Wars first. I loved Okay for Now even more, but both are excellent. I have looked at The Future of Us, but still haven’t picked it up. I like Jay Asher though. I have read Little Women many times, in groups & alone, & love Ender’s Game. You are reading what I probably like too. And, I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you read.

  2. Megan! Are you a Missouri Librarian? I think I met you at the MLA conference in October of last year 🙂 There was a session on book blogs?

    If not, still wanted to give props on an awesome reading week. Little Women and Chains are both wonderful!

  3. WOW! How do you read so many books at the same time?! I always get confused if I do that. I have a reading book and a listening book- I can’t do more than that.

    Happy reading this week!

  4. You have a lot of reading going on! I end up reading books in different formats, too. Sometimes it’s tricky but I love taking advantage of all the different places I can read and sometimes it means listening to an audiobook. 🙂

    Well, you are reading a lot of books that I love. I’m so intrigued by the new Jay Asher book, mainly because Jay Asher has written it. Can’t wait to hear more. I really liked E. Lockhart’s The Boyfriend List…although I’m excited to hear what you think of the ending. It was a great book but let me know when you finish so we can chat! Chain is a great book, you’ll want to read the next in the series. And I loved Five Flavors of Dumb. I work with kids who are deaf and hard of hearing and I thought Antony John did a great job with the characters in that book! Glad you are joining us on our Monday recaps! We love it!

  5. The Future of Us was a bit disappointing to me, too, but I wondered if I felt that way as an adult reading a teen book but maybe teens wouldn’t feel the same way. Hmmm. One more criticism of it, When a book is authored by two authors, shouldn’t their chapters seem like they are written by two different people. I couldn’t tell the difference in this book.

  6. I ended up deciding not to read The Future of Us. I may pick it up another time when I am in the mood for it.

    I liked Just Breathe and it is a good book for when you want to read something light. Chains was excellent but I still haven’t read Forged. I do love historical fiction. I hope to read more of it this year.

    I am glad to see you are giving Little Women a try. I was desperate to finish it last year (I finished it shortly before midnight on December 31st) so I could cross it off my list. Not sure what classic I will try this year. Maybe A Tale of Two Cities…

  7. Like the others I am not sure how you read all the books at the same time that you do, at the moment I am reading two and they both have a Luke in them, I have to think now who is he again!
    I enjoy Susan Wigg’s books and liked her Just Breathe book. I read Little Women as a child in the ’50’s. Awhile ago now, but I remember being engaged by it.

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