Fantastic Finds Friday-Haikus Edition

It’s Friday and I am once again turning to the book I am reading (actually, listening to) for a fantastic find to share with you. Today, it is haikus. Before I started writing this I did a little research on haikus and learned that there are just about a million rules for writing this tiny 17 syllable poem. And purists will argue that just because a poem follows the 5-7-5 pattern that doesn’t mean it is a haiku. Rules, scmules. I have never been able to get down with poetry, but I was inspired by Amber Appleton and Private Jackson from Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick. Amber, the queen of optimism, befriends a Vietnam vet and they bond over green tea, dogs and haikus. If you are all about traditional haikus, you may not enjoy these. Here a few samples of Amber’s doggie haikus:

A pup will never
Forget to kiss you goodnight
Even when you smell

Dogs have lots of fur
Does that count as wearing clothes
Or are they naked?

True, these are silly, but there as more serious haikus in the book, and they help both Amber and Private Jackson cope with the traumas they have endured.

Here is what Amber says when the lightbulb clicks on for her and she gets why PJ obsessively writes the tiny poems:

“The moment just was-free of the emotions and judgements or any of the other illusionary things we humans feel the need to attach to everything we encounter…I totally got why he had been writing haikus all this time, ever since ‘Nam, training his mind to allow things to exist without all the complicated emotional baggage.
Everything simply is-always and forever.”

˜Amber Appleton, Sorta Like a Rock Star, pgs 196-7

And now I have a new appreciation for poetry. True. So, I gave it a whirl.

Winter in Cleveland
Morning rain gives way to snow
Strange is the norm here

I swear I will never torture you with poetry again! I will still argue that Amber’s are a fantastic find.

Happy Reading!


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