Mondays with Megan-Zombie Ice Cream and What Are you Reading?

Look at me two weeks running with a zombie related post. I just can’t help myself. I did not get a chance to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead last night. I had to choose between that and Downton Abbey and Downton won. I’ll catch up with Rick and crew tonight. The reason I even mention the zombies today is because in the course of planning summer programs for the library I got some exciting news. I am going to be hosting a Zombie Walk in May (Zombie Awareness Month) and a local ice cream shop, Mitchell’s, has generously agreed to supply ice cream for my undead army. That alone is super cool, but it gets better-they have are also open to the possibility of creating a zombie-themed ice cream for the event. So put on your thinking caps and send me your ideas so I can pitch them along to the amazing Mitchell brothers.

Now it’s time to for a reading check in. It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly feature hosted by Book Journey. A version for the younger crowd (or the young at heart) is found at Teach Mentor Texts.

I finished up Four to Score by Janet Evanovich, so I have a new book in my car.  I am also reading the same book at work and at home because I need to finish it before Thursday.

In my car:

I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. This is the story of Ed Kennedy, a 19-year old Australian cab driver whose uneventful life changes the day he foils a bank robbery.

At work and on my night stand:

 The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. This debut novel is about a secret government agency that handles supernatural events. The narrator is a high-ranking agency official who wakes up one day with her memories erased. A new person is in her body and together (?) they have to figure out who is after her/them. It’s so weird and a ton of fun! It’s not a YA book, but I could see some older teens enjoying it.

When I need a quick break:

The Boy Book by E. Lockhart. This sequel to The Boyfriend List continues Ruby Oliver’s story of being unlucky in friendship and love. It’s a cute, quick read.

My e-book:

I am still working on This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers. This is a tough book. It’s more than just a zombie book and it is really good.

As soon as I finish The Rook I will return to I am Number Four. These should keep me busy for the week. What are you reading?

Happy Reading!



2 responses to “Mondays with Megan-Zombie Ice Cream and What Are you Reading?

  1. Whoa, zombie ice cream? That sounds amazing! I just finished Dearly, Departed – which is a zombie book so it goes along with your theme today! I also read Jellicoe Road over the weekend, which I loved. Not quite as productive on the reading as I’d hoped to be, but I’ll catch up eventually! 🙂

  2. I was thinking woah, zombie awareness month?!? Crazy. Sounds like fun though. I was just talking about the end of Boyfriend List and that it was a book I had to come to terms with and now there is a sequel. I had no idea. I’m so curious to read it! And I really enjoy Markus Zusak and I am the Messenger, so different from Book Thief but still really good.

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