Top Ten Tuesday-Top Ten Teen Mysteries

It’s another list making day! I’ve got a new Top Ten Tuesday list for you. This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. The week we’re sharing our favorite books in a particular genre. I chose teen mysteries, mostly because I feel like they are the most neglected of YA genres. At least that is the case at my library, so I am always looking for ways to show them a little love!

1. The Agency Series by Y.S. Lee is a fun Victorian-era mystery series starring a feisty female sleuth. A Spy in the House is the first book, The Body at the Tower is the second, and most recently we got The Traitor in the Tunnel. I read it yet, but hopefully it will be my turn soon.

2.The Final Four series by John Feinstein stars budding sports writers Steve and Sadie. The series starts with Last Shot and continues with Vanishing Act, Cover-Up, Change-Up, and The Rivalry.

3.  Forensic Mysteries by Alane Ferguson. This series stars the 17-year old daughter of the Colorado County coroner. Start with The Angel of Death and you’ll definitely want to move on the The Christopher Killer, The Circle of Death, and The Dying Breath.

4. Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore may be more a ghost story than a mystery, but am totally counting it! There is a Scooby-doo-esque quality about it that I very much love.

5. All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab is a good old whodunit. Secrets and lies lead to murder, but who did it? Dun, dun, dun.

6. The Stone Child by Dan Poblocki is a spooky suspenseful book about the monsters from a novel coming to life. I couldn’t read this one at night!

7. Clarity by Kim Harrington is a murder mystery with a psychic twist. I am looking forward to reading the sequel, Perception.

8. The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting is another fun supernatural mystery. I will confess that I was disappointed in the sequel, Desires of the Dead, but the first one was fantastic.

9. Rosebush by Michelle Jaffe is a real page-turner! You can’t trust anybody and everyone is suspicious.






8 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday-Top Ten Teen Mysteries

  1. Ha! I love that you pointed out that Texas Gothic was Scooby Doo-esque; it totally was!

  2. All Things Unquiet and The Body Finder sound appealing to me although I’m not a huge fan of creepy mysteries. I easily get WAY too scared and then suffer from nightmares. I think these are a hidden category though and should be highlighted!

  3. I had no idea there were so many teen mysteries. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Great list and I’ve only read half of them. I’m excited to see some new ones to try!

  5. I didn’t know there are so many great teen mysteries. I have A Spy in the House on my to-read list, but I haven’t even heard of some of the others. Thanks for the list.

  6. The body Finder is definitely a great mystery. I’d add Deadly Cool too this list too. It’s pure mystery with a great voice.

  7. I’ve heard Texas Gothic is really good and really creepy! Great list!

  8. This list totally confirmed my resolve to read a bunch of these books (The Agency, Texas Gothic, All Unquiet Things…). I liked Clarity and The Body Finder a lot. Bummer about Desires of the Dead 😦 I own a copy, but I haven’t had a strong urge to read it yet.

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