BZRK by Michael Grant Review

I am a huge fan of Michael Grant. I love his Gone series and had high hopes for the first book in his newest series, BZRK. I was not disappointed.

Before I even cracked the spine, my very first thought was “Oh, thank God he finally got a decent cover for a book!” I’m sorry, but despite the deep and undying love I feel for Gone, the covers are total stinkers. But, this is not about Gone….

BZRK by Michael Grant
EgmontUSA, February, 2012

Set in a not-so-distant future, two factions are playing a dangerous and deadly game with nanotechnology and humanity’s free will. On the one side is a group founded and funded by the Armstrong Twins. The wealthy conjoined twins are fanatical about their organization, Nexus Humanus. They are attempting to use nanotechnology to change the way world leaders think about the human condition. Their goal is to form a world united, with one way of thinking. On the other side is a covert splinter cell of teenaged hackers using new biological nanotechnology. They call themselves BZRK. They have one goal: preventing the destruction of free will. The stage has been set, the nanos and biots have been released, and the battle, unseen by the naked eye, is about to begin.

Fasten your seatbelts my friends because you are in for one heck of a wild ride! The story unfolds, mysterious layer by mysterious layer, introducing character after character until everything comes crashing together for an exhilarating finale. If you have read the Gone series, you know that Michael Grant loves to pack his stories full of characters and BZRK is no different. The plot is intricate and complex and at times you really have no idea which side has the good guys and which has the bad guys. The descriptions of the nanotechnology are vivid and disturbing, often bordering on grotesque. In fact, at one point during my reading I swear to you my skin started itching because of what I was reading. Creepy, violent, and engrossing, BZRK is a thrill ride you won’t want to end. And darn it all, it ended…for now.

You may also enjoy Gone by Michael Grant, Feed by M.T. Anderson, and iBoy by Kevin Brooks.

Happy Reading!


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