Top Ten Tuesday-Reality TV Style

I missed Top Ten Tuesday last week because I took the day off. Ok, fine, the truth is I am really bad about remembering quotes so I sort of didn’t schedule a post. I really did take the day off. So here we are a week later and the folks at The Broke and the Bookish have another topic for us. I was so tempted to sit this one out too. My brain is truly zombified-I hosted my very first Zombie Walk today and it was awesome and exhausting! I usually cheat on these lists and my Top Tens turn into Top Twelve-Twenty. Today I am keeping it short and sweet and I apologize if I don’t make sense. Zombies are mindless, thoughtless beings after all. Check back tomorrow for pictures and helpful hints for hosting your own Zombie Walk. Now, onto Top Ten Authors, Reality TV style.

I do not watch that much reality tv. I will publicly admit to the following: America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, 16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom. I have watched some Iron Chef and Top Chef, but I haven’t watched them in ages. So, with my limited reality tv knowledge, I propose the following:

1. Libba Bray(Beauty Queens), new host of America’s Next Top Model. Here come the Beauty Queens!

2. Kiersten White (Paranormalcy), judge on Project Runway. Evie is stylin’, Kiersten must have a keen eye for fashion.

3. Myra McEntire, Kami Garcia, and Margaret Stohl (Hourglass and Beautiful Creatures), contestants on Top Chef. Their characters really know how to cook, do they?

4. Katie Alender and Kendare Blake (Bad Girls Don’t Die and Anna Dressed in Blood) on Ghost Hunters. Let’s see how these two do in a real haunted house!

5. Jay Asher (Thirteen Reasons Why) on Cake Boss. I hear he has a sweet tooth!

Now I need to invent some shows. Actually, let’s just give these guys their own talk shows:

6. Maureen Johnson, YA goddess

7. John Green, YA social media god

8. Michael Grant, one of my favorites. I like what he has to say about just about everything.

9. Carrie Ryan. You know we are going to have to survive a zombie apocalypse sooner or later. She’s got the answers.

10. Ally Carter. I love her books and may never have a chance to meet her, but if we put her on tv I would totally watch.

I know I am forgetting people, but I am too tired to worry about it.

Happy Reading!


One response to “Top Ten Tuesday-Reality TV Style

  1. I would totally watch a talk show hosted by John Green!! Great list!

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