Top Ten Tuesday: Me, Revealed Through Blog Posts

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish, is kind all about me and my blog. So, I have spent some time sifting through the 362 posts and came up with the following list:

1. My Horde of Teenaged Zombies Wants to Eat Your Brains. This one is a how-to post in which I explain how I made zombie make-up out of household items. There are also pictures of my teen zombies. I am really proud of this program! Now you know that I am totally into zombies. When the zombie apocalypse happens, I will be ready. Just sayin’.

2. Mondays with Megan: Books and Bites Issue. This is a great example of what happens in real life. I thought this was such a cute idea-pick a book and pair it with a snack. I thought it was super clever to pair Pop by Gordan Korman with popcorn (ok, I still think that’s clever). I had every intention of keeping up with this, and making it a recurring topic but work got busy and blogging kind of got pushed aside and then I forgot I had this idea…So, now that I remember that I had it, keep an eye out for more Books and Bites!

3. Audio Alert. Seriously, see above! I include this for two reasons. 1. I kind of like story of my dead car and 2. it is further proof that I have good ideas but difficulty following through. I LOVE audiobooks. Why don’t I blog about them more often?

Ok, those last two posts are good ones and I am proud of them, but what they say about me isn’t the most flattering. I hope I get points for honesty! I try, I really do, but sometimes it’s hard to get it all done. Anyway, on to some more flattering posts. How about some reviews?

4. The Curse Workers Series by Holly Black. I love this series and want everyone else to as well. Also, this post shows how peeved I get with mid-series cover changes!

5. Quarantine: The Loners by Lex Thomas.  I feel like this is an honest and well-reasoned review for a book that I did not care for.

6. Top Ten Tuesday: If You Like Author X, Try This! I love TTT. I love lists and I really love this list because I get to recommend some of my favorites!

7. Fantastic Finds Friday: A Quote From Vera Dietz. *Sigh* Another great idea…Anyway, I like this post because it’s evidence that on a rare occasion I am actually capable of honing in on a great quote…and remembering it long enough to share!

8. Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John Review and An Interview with Antony John. I really should have led with this one! First of all, I loved this book and I loved my review. Second, Antony John read and commented on my review and then was super cool and offered to do a Skype interview with my book club! Total fan girl here!

9. Mondays “YAWN” With Megan. I love this post because 1. I am totally enjoying participating in Recommend A…, a meme hosted by Chick Loves Lit and 2. Michael Grant commented on this post AND linked it to his Facebook pages. I got all fan-girl squeally when I was check out my FB news feed on a Tuesday morning and saw my very own words on Michael Grant’s Page, for all the world to see!

10. Move Over Vampires, the Mermaids are Coming. This post is the butt of a running joke with my friend, colleague, and fellow blogger, Stacey. This post represents my own dumb luck. It also demonstrates the importance of key words in your titles. This was a silly throw-away, filler post that I ran off in 2 minutes just so I would have something posted before I went on vacation. It’s been 16 months since I posted this. To date it has gotten 43,048 hits! Apparently a lot of people spend a lot of time Googling things like “mermaids”, “pictures of mermaids”, and “are mermaids real?”. Who knew? Also, it makes me a little sad that this is what draws a crowd! Oh well.

There you have it, I am well-meaning blogger with a below average follow-through rating who loves to make lists and occasionally says something clever (or trendy) enough to catch people’s attention. And by people I mean awesome authors and fellow bloggers.

Happy Reading!


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