Top Ten Tuesday-Bookish People I Want to Meet

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish, is easy-peasy since I totally have a running list already. It’s hanging on a cupboard door above my desk at work. Sadly, more names get added than crossed off, but I have been so fortune to meet some of my favorite authors (Michael Grant, Scott Westerfeld, and Carrie Ryan have all been crossed of my list and tomorrow Libba Bray comes off!). Here is what part of my never-ending list looks like:

1. Rick Riordan. He just has to be hilarious. I have this theory that The Mark of Athena is going to be the most amazing of all of his books so far and then the final book the series is going to be a mind-blowing mash-up all of his half-blood heroes. Sadie Kane and Annabeth together? Can you even imagine it? I think it could happen.

2. Ally Carter. I love me some spy girls! This interview was a lot of fun and after learning that she would invite Rick Riordan to a dinner party, that she recommends the awesome show Friday Night Lights, and that she longs for the superpower of time travel I think we should probably be besties!

3. L.A Meyer. I imagine that the author of my beloved Jacky Faber series has some fascinating stories to tell. Salty sea tales and such.

4. Katherine Kellgren. She is the voice of Jacky Faber. She is brilliant and I would love to meet her.

5. John Flanagan. I have to know more about Halt, my secret literary crush (and Halt is totally an adult so it’s not creepy at all!).

6. Lisa Lutz. Spellman Files? The most hilarious series ever. I’ll bet she’s hilarious. I guess I mostly want to meet hilarious people. Is that wrong?

7. Tina Fey. She wrote a book. She totally counts.

8. Markus Zusak. He’s Australian. He’s a total cutie. I mean *ahem* he writes amazing books. He must be smart.

9. George R.R. Martin. Right? Of course I might spend the whole time being annoyed that he was hanging out with a bunch of book nerds instead of finishing the next darn book and then that would be all I could think of. So maybe not him. But really, of course him!

10. Maureen Johnson. She is a defender of all things YA. Her books are awesome. She is also hilarious.

I also really need to meet Holly Black, E. Lockhart, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Addison Allen, Veronica Roth, Kiersten White, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Rachel Hawkins, Myra McEntire and Gordon Korman. I sure would say no to J.K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins either!

This post has gotten me super excited about my road trip tomorrow! It’s only 4 hours from Cleveland to Cincinnati. Totally worth it. Here I come Libba Bray!

Happy Reading!






7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday-Bookish People I Want to Meet

  1. Martin would definitely be on my list too. And I so need to get to some books by Rick Riordan!!!

  2. Rosemary Clement-Moore! Why didn’t I think of her? I am madly inlove go Texas Gothic. We have some similar writers on our TTT lists.

  3. Great Picks. Totally agree about Martin. Would be nice to meet him, but he should totally be writing instead of hanging out with fans haha!

  4. Awesome list! This was such a hard topic to keep to ten!

  5. Love your list. great picks:)

  6. Wonderful picks! Hope you have fun meeting Libba Bray – she has got personality, I tell you. My list of wanna-meets would be ridiculously long 🙂

  7. hahaha Love what you wrote about Markus Zusak! Those are my thoughts exactly 🙂

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