Death of a Kleptomaniac by Kristen Tracy

Death of a Kleptomaniac by Kristen Tracy
Hyperion Book CH
October 30, 2012
272 pgs

Sixteen-year-old Molly has made some big changes in her life. Vowing to make junior year really count she dumps her old best friend and starts climbing the social ladder. She lands a prime spot on the dance squad and secures a date with the highly desirable and socially acceptable Tate. With the exception of a few minor hiccups (her mom is pregnant, ugh), a deep, dark secret (she steals), and a surprising and confusing crush, life is good. Unfortunately for Molly, the good times are short-lived. Literally. Now, she’s suddenly dead and in denial and the window of opportunity to save her soul is rapidly closing. Can she let go of her unfinished earthly business and move on or is her eternal soul in danger?

Death of a Kleptomaniac is a quick and entertaining read. Molly and her friends are not always likeable, but they feel real. Molly is flawed and makes a number of bad choices, but she does grow and learn from her mistakes. This is a cautionary tale about consequences that is not heavy-handed. I appreciate the author’s ideas about the afterlife, but I felt that some things could have been explained more. I really wanted to know more about the clocks. Similarly, I would have liked a little more about the kleptomania. Those parts felt too rushed. Overall this is a solid and interesting read and the cover is wonderful!

Readalikes: Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin, Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison, and Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.

This book was provided by the publisher and for review.

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