Mondays With Megan *Insert Catchy Title Here* and What are You Reading?

The creative juices are just not flowing this morning. No catchy title for me, sorry! I had a nice relaxing weekend and got to enjoy what could be the last bit of nice warm weather here in Cleveland. On Friday I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I read the book a couple of years ago and found it to be a bit…much. I mean, I enjoy an “issues” book (except for the cancer ones, those are too hard for me), but this one was overwhelming with the sheer number of issues. But that is not the point here. I liked the movie. I loved Emma Watson and Ezra Miller (what a cutie and great in Beware the Gonzo). The book translated well to the big screen-it was intense and moving and hopeful and I hope that the film’s target audience truly get the point. It does get better. Also, it made me a little nostalgic for the days of mixed tapes. Anyone else remember those?

On to the books! Time to check in with Book Journey and Teach Mentor Texts for It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

I am mostly still plugging away at the same things I was reading last week…

I was listening to Stay Close by Harlan Coben on Playaway, but about half way through the darn thing malfunctioned so I had to pick something new. I will probably go back and finish it eventually. It was just getting good too! Anyway, my new pick is This Is How by Augusten Burroughs.

I am also rereading Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld for my book club this week. I originally listened to this one and Alan Cumming was a brilliant reader, but I am actually liking the book better now that I am reading it myself. I love the illustrations so much.

I also read iZombie volumes 2 and 3 by Chris Roberson. The story has been moving at a snail’s pace, but things have finally picked up and really hooked me. Which means I am now back to waiting for vol. 4. At least I have the newest The Walking Dead waiting for me!

Happy Reading!



7 responses to “Mondays With Megan *Insert Catchy Title Here* and What are You Reading?

  1. I’ve been wanting to read (ok, watch but I don’t get HBO) a Game of Thrones for a while. I was put off because a friend told me it was very dry, but I’m not finding that at all! I’m really enjoying it 🙂
    You’ll have to tell me about the others! I just hope it snows a lot this winter so I have time to read!

  2. I’m another one who wants to read Game of Thrones. I wanted to read it awhile ago until a “friend” spoiled the first book for me. Now I just can’t seem to find the time. I have another friend who keeps trying to loan me the books on Kindle. I figure I’ll get to it one day but I feel so behind the times!

  3. Oh my gosh! Thank you for the wiki and all the info! At the moment, I feel like I need a family tree and a map (but since I’m reading it as an ebook, its hard to flip back) this will be super helpful!

  4. I *really* want to read Necromancing the Stone! I hope you’re enjoying it and that it’s just as good as the first book.

  5. Leviathan looks good. I’m glad you’re already saying you’ve enjoyed it before. I’m still looking forward to seeing what you think about those three you’re reading. They all do sound interesting.

  6. Ooh I was going to listen to the audiobook of Leviathan, but now I know it has illustrations in the book – I’ll have to read the printed copy instead. Thanks for the heads up.

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