Rebel Heart by Moira Young Review

I meant to get this review up a couple of weeks ago, but, well, Sandy…ugh.Anyway. It was a happy, happy day at my house when I discovered an advanced reader copy of Rebel Heart, book 2 in The Dust Lands Trilogy, mysteriously arrived at my door. Let me take a moment to remind you that I LOVED Blood Red Road and I recommend it every chance I get. Now, on to book 2. It might get a little spoiler-y here. Read on at your own risk.

Rebel Heart (Dust Land #2) by Moira Young
Simon & Schuster
October, 2012
448 pgs

The story picks up where Blood Red Road leaves off. Saba’s family has been reunited and they are making their way west, in search of both Jack and a better life. Sadly, all is not well. Haunted by the events of the past and hunted by a surprising new enemy, Saba struggles to reconnect with Lugh, who is practically unrecognizable. When disturbing news about Jack reaches her, Saba decides to follow her heart and search for the man she loves. Her journey is difficult, but she knows the truth is out there and her heart stone will lead the way.

So much has changed since I last met these characters. While they may have escaped with their lives, no one escaped untouched by the events of Blood Red Road and the damage is painfully clear. Saba has always been a difficult character to like, but she continues to grow and develop. Talk about transformations! Gone is the Angel of Death and in her place is a shell, a shadow of her former self. She is often overly emotional and makes a number of questionable decisions, but I don’t think that any of these changes are unrealistic. I am perfectly willing to cut the girl some slack. I mean, how can you see what she saw, do what she did, and not be at least a little bit damaged? Saba picks up some fantastic new companions on her journey. Slim is great guy and offers a needed bit of comic relief to an otherwise grim story. This story had so many shocking twists and turns that I am still recovering from the whiplash. I can’t even begin to imagine what is in store for Saba and her crew. All I can do now is begin the long and painful wait. And possibly reread. This was a great second novel and I am eager for more.

Readalikes: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Divergent by Veronica Roth, and Legend by Marie Lu.

Happy Reading!


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