Teen Screen: An Interactive Princess Bride Viewing

princess bride

There is no doubt that The Princess Bride is a cult classic. It also happens to be a personal favorite of mine so you can imagine the joy and pride I felt when my new Teen Advisory Group selected it for an after school program. I decided to increase the viewing pleasure with a little interactive guide. I thought this would be very easy to find. It turns out the internet is full of Princess Bride drinking games, but nothing library appropriate. So I had to adapt. I kept it simple, but you could make the game as complicated as you want. I found all of the supplies I needed at a dollar store. I also borrowed from the Children’s Department’s supply closet (it’s the perfect place to find paper towel tubes!)


The “rules” are simple and so are the supplies.

IMG_4281[1] IMG_4280[1]IMG_4282[1]

Bubbles, party favor noise makers and paper towel tubes make for an inexpensive but entertaining viewing experience. My teens especially enjoyed the sword fighting bits. What would you add to this list?

Happy Watching!



2 responses to “Teen Screen: An Interactive Princess Bride Viewing

  1. What a cool program idea! Unfortunately our teen librarian can’t show The Princess Bride at her Anti Valentine’s Day party next month because we have our movie license from Movie License USA.

    I would have added an activity for every time Vizzini said “Inconceivable!” 🙂

    • Oh my gosh! We have the same site license and I am sure it was in there when I showed it 2 years ago. I did not even check this time because I had shown it before.

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