Mondays With Megan: In Which I Attempt to Drag Myself Out of a Time Warp

No, seriously. For some reason I cannot account for how I spent most of my time last week. I know I went to work and I managed to get things in order for Easter, but other than that, last week is a big mystery. Begin stuck in a time warp seems like a reasonable explanation for why I did not finish a single book last week! I mean, really? is gleefully pointing out that I am 7 books behind. SEVEN!?!? Ugh. It’s not for a lack of trying (I am currently working on six books). Really, it’s got to be the stinkin’ time warp. No matter. It’s a new month, one with a readathon, and I am going to get caught up. Also, I may have slightly exaggerated my claim. I did actually finish one book, but it was a juvenile graphic novel that was read in one sitting. I guess it counts, but just barely.

My Monday post of shame:

mondayreading Mon Reading Button PB to YA

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Poor Chickenhare by Chris Grine, it must be lonely on the Finished list! This was strange little juvenile graphic novel about a chickenhare and his friend Abe, the bearded turtle and their adventure escaping from an insane taxidermist.

Still working on:

clockwork princess mr. penumbralittle womenlost stories ashfall insomnia

I cannot believe that I haven’t finished Clockwork Princess! I have one disc left in Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. I am really enjoying this one. Little Women and Lost Stories are starting to drive me crazy. The time has come for me to stop putzing around with them and just commit to finishing them both. Ashfall is my exercise book and I intend to get back on the elliptical ASAP this week. If I do not finish Insomnia this week I will not have an ARC to review, ending my streak of one ARC review a week since the beginning of the year. I can’t let that happen!

I am not sure what I will start once I finish all of these books. I know I would like to read some poetry in honor of National Poetry Month, but I really struggle with poetry. So, please send me your recommendations! What book of poetry would you give to the reader who claims to not enjoy poetry?

Happy Reading!



11 responses to “Mondays With Megan: In Which I Attempt to Drag Myself Out of a Time Warp

  1. You have so many good books going! I have had weeks like this before too. That time warp really did you in. I am actually pretty impressed that you can have this many novels going at once and keep track of them all. Good luck this week and happy reading!

  2. If I hadn’t had a one-sitting, largely-graphic book to get through, I would be right there with you in the “how did I only finish one book this week?” camp. There was just something that happened to suck away all the reading time, apparently.

  3. I struggle with reading poetry now too. Ashfall is on my reading list too – are you enjoying it?

  4. I’ve been seeing so many great things about Mr. Penumbra’s . . . might need to get that one for an upcoming vacation read!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEED Clockwork Princess. Hopefully you have some tissues on hand! I wasn ‘t the biggest fan of Ashfall, but I never got to finish it, so I don’t know if it picks up. Hope you enjoy all of these and get back on that elliptical 😉

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. LOL. I just picked up Clockwork Princess from the library today. I’m terrified to read it, though, so I might wait a few days before I actually read it. Although everyone says it’s amazing. Good luck on getting caught up!

  7. I finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore last week. I’ll be curious to read what you think of it!

  8. Some weeks its awfully hard to get a book read – some weeks its not. Its crazy how different days are!

    Have a lovely reading week!! What are you reading this week @ the Brunette Librarian’s Blog

  9. My favorite poetry book is Poetry Speaks Who I am by E. Paschen. It even comes with a CD.

  10. Megan, sometimes the days just go by too fast, but your graphic novel definitely counts! I really liked Ashfall and I can’t believe Clockwork Princess is out and I’ve neither bugged by librarian about it nor purchased it myself. Thanks for the reminder! Good luck this week. Looks like you’re in the middle of some great books.

  11. Like Gabbi I LOVED Clockwork Princess. I think once you get into it, it will be impossible to put down. Emotional twists all over the place. This is seriously at the top of my Best Books of 2013 right now. Good luck with the reading this week 🙂

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