How to Rock a Readathon in Spring, 2013

Tomorrow is The Big Day! It’s time for another Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon and I *think* I am ready. I am sure there will be some last-minute adjustments, but the general plan is in place. This will be my third time participating, so I am feeling pretty confident. Here are my tips for a successful readathon:

1. Location, location, location. I take my reading all over town. It keeps me moving and motivated and reduces the risk of dozing off in my comfy chair. I usually start my day by walking the dog (with my audio book, of course). Then I head out to meet my reading buddy at our favorite local coffee shop. By the afternoon we are ready for a break and a stretch, so another walk is usually in order. The rest of the time is spent split between our houses.


2. Food and Beverages. I am a coffee fiend, so that’s my caffeinated beverage of choice. I also recommend drinking plenty of water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! As for snacks, I like to go for variety. Chocolate covered espresso beans, peanut butter pretzels, fancy granola, fruit and nuts. I think the key is to just graze. At least that’s my plan!


3. The Books. This is the first year that I have a strategy in addition to a goal.

  • No books that I am dying to read. I am saving those for a time when I can savor them.
  • I have a wide variety of books on hand. I will be padding my stats with graphic novels for sure and I have audio books on hand for when my eyes need a rest or I am in the car.
  • Short and sweet. I am trying to keep my books to ones that have 300 pages or less.
  • This year I have decided that skimming is ok. I am not a speed reader, I have to make up time somehow!
  • I am going for humor and suspense. I have found that a really creepy page-turner is the perfect book for the painful hours between 4-7 am!
  • Check in this the mini-challenges! They offer a nice break and lots of fun.

4. Wear comfy clothes and have fun!

See you tomorrow!

Happy Reading!



2 responses to “How to Rock a Readathon in Spring, 2013

  1. This is my first time participating, so I’m happy to see that some of my plan matches your tips!

    I do have an audiobook handy for when I first wake up (5AM start time!!!) and while I’m walking my puppy. I also anticipate that I’ll need it in those final hours where I’ll just want to close my eyes and drift away…

  2. Ha, this post actually sounds a lot like all those posts on running blogs where they share tips for race preparation 🙂 I like your tips, though. Especially the ones about choosing the right books – at my first Read-a-Thon last year I put City of Lost Souls on my goal list – and ended up abandoning it the first day, so I could devour it properly after the race 🙂

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