April 2013 Readathon Mini Challenge-Book Puzzle

Phew! Already Hour 6? The coffee shop is hopping, the sun is shining and the windows are all open! It is finally a beautiful spring day. I am going to take a break from reading, enjoy the fresh air and participate in a mini challenge. Hosted by One Librarian’s Book Reviews, Book Puzzles is one of my favorites! It’s easy. I give you some pictures clues and you tell me the book titles.

1. Here is my current read:

banana applepear


2. I am also reading this:




Have fun!

Happy Reading!



5 responses to “April 2013 Readathon Mini Challenge-Book Puzzle

  1. Ooh — Fruits Basket and Finger Lickin’ Fifteen!

  2. Fruit Basket, and Point Kiss 15? LOL totally random guesses 😀

  3. Thanks for joining in the Book Puzzle mini-challenge – I got Fruits Basket, but never would have gotten the other one. Keep up the reading!

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