Mondays With Megan Read-a-Thons Galore 8/26/13

Is it really Monday already? Here in Rocky River it’s the last Monday before school starts. Ready or not, here they come! I spent the last week of summer participating in a couple of read-a-thons, so let’s just skip to the wrap-ups.

gallagher girls readathon

First up, The Gallagher Girls Read-a-thon, hosted by Books As You Know It. Last week we read book 3 in the series, Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover.

don't judge

While the books themselves are all sorts of fun and games, the reality is that the life of a spy is dangerous and that lesson really hits home in this third book. Everyone is on high alert after one a kidnapping attempt and Cammie and her friends are having a hard time coping. They are learning that appearances can be deceiving and trusting the wrong person can be deadly. There are lots of questions and the few answers that the young spies get point to an even darker secret than anyone could have imagined. The tension is building and I am can’t wait to dig into Only the Good Spy Young!

Last week was also Bout of Books 8.0. I really started off strong, but things kind of fizzled out at the end when my weekend became unexpectedly busy! I did not make my goal of getting back on pace with my Goodreads goal (so, so close though. I am now only 1 book off pace.) and I didn’t read either of my graphic novels. They just did not appeal to me at all. I also didn’t visit a single other blog. So lame. Good things there is always another opportunity to do better!

On the bright side, my It’s Monday! What Are You Reading list is huge.

mondayreading IMWAYR

Thanks to Book Journey and Teach Mentor Texts for hosting!


 don't judge  infinityglassthis song will save your lifelemoncello explosive eighteen prisoner of heaven

I am on a roll wrapping up series this year. I breezed through Infinityglass, the final book in the Hourglass series by Myra McEntire. All sorts of questions were answered in this satisfying ending, but it was not my favorite of the three. Still, a solid conclusion. I also finished an advanced copy of This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales. This newest offering is a little darker and heavier than her previous books, but it is just as awesome. Loved this one. Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein is a middle grade book that is being compared to Willy Wonka. If Willy Wonka had a library this would be it! Loved this charming library-themed mystery. I now have one more Stephanie Plum book to read before I am all caught up. Do I detect a hint of personal growth? Finally? Please? And finally, I finished listening to The Prisoner of Heaven, a companion book to The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

Current Audio:

wedding night 6=5th

I just started The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. I am interested to see if it lives up to the hype.

Currently Reading:

coldest shadows charmed

I think I have a nice balance of truly horrifying (Shadows) and light and fun.

Happy Reading!



4 responses to “Mondays With Megan Read-a-Thons Galore 8/26/13

  1. I’m a big Evanovich fan. How can you not love those crazy characters. Some of those books I need to look up they look good! Now following you by email! Cool blog.
    Check out MY It’s my Monday!

  2. I wish I had picked up The 5th wave when I saw it in my public library because it has never been there since that day. I could put it on hold I suppose. I think by Christmas I should be able to find the time to read it. It sounds very good.

  3. For me, The 5th Wave did not live up to the hype (I think I might be the only person who feels this way). I liked it, but didn’t love it. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is on my TBR list, I can’t wait until I get my hands on a copy!

  4. I hope to get to The 5th Wave soon because it’s the September book club selection…maybe I’ll actually get to the book club meeting this month! I love Stephanie Plum and enjoyed reading every book, but the last few were not as awesome for me as the beginning books. I kind of got sick of the on again, off again, should I be with Ranger or Morelli stuff. I think I am not completely caught up though. Good for you with finishing series!

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