Breath of Frost (The Lovegrove Inheritance #1) by Alyxandra Harvey Review

Breath of Frost (The Lovegrove Inheritance #1) by Alyxandra Harvey
January 7, 2014
Bloomsbury/Walker Childrens
Hardcover, 496 pages

breath of frost

What it’s about:

The year is 1814 and cousins Emma, Penelope and Gretchen are being groomed to enter London society. The girls have no idea that they come from a long line of powerful witches. When their powers are inadvertently released a gate to the Underworld in opened, unleashing dark and evil powers on to the city. Young debutante witches are being hunted and drained of the magic and Emma is somehow connected to the murders. The cousins, with the help of the dashing young Cormac, a member of The Order (the governing body in charge of witching families), need to solve the mystery before Emma is accused of murder and stripped of her new-found magic.

Why you might want to read it:

I struggled to get into this one a little. Things are very complicated in the beginning and there are lots of different characters to get to know. The patient reader will certainly be rewarded, because these leading ladies are a lot of fun! The magical world-building is complex and I found the whole spirit animal thing to be really interesting. Emma’s mother’s story is romantic and heartbreaking. The “real” bits about Regency London is such a treat and I constantly had to remind myself that some of the things that annoyed me about certain characters weren’t exactly their fault. They are a product of their time. Never fear, the cousins do a great job of pushing the boundaries of society! Overall I really enjoyed this one. If you like magic and witches, give this one a try. If you enjoy the finery and show of the Regency Era, you might enjoy this as well.

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A copy of this book was provided by and the publisher for review.

Happy Reading!



2 responses to “Breath of Frost (The Lovegrove Inheritance #1) by Alyxandra Harvey Review

  1. This ones on my to read shelf and knowing you liked it I might get to it faster

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