Top Ten Tuesday-My Bookish Bucket List 3/25/14


The Broke and The Bookish are asking for out Bookish Bucket List. I am not sure I have 10 items, but I’ll give it a go!

1. My dream home has my dream library! Walls and walls of books!


2. Reread Game of Thrones. The minute there is an official publication date for book 6, I am diving back into book 1 and plowing through them again. I can’t wait!


3.  Attend an ALA Midwinter Conference. Someday this Teen Librarian will see all the Teen book awards announced. Someday…


4. Take a bookish vacation. Who doesn’t want to visit literary spots and awesome libraries? Joyce’s Dublin, anyone? Closer to home, how about a Carnegie Library tour?

james-joyce5. Reread Harry Potter with my nephews. I kind of want to own this special collection editions as well.

harry potter6. Attend more author events. I have met so many awesome authors, but I want more, more, more! I want the majority of the books on my shelves to be signed! I think Libba Bray is the last signature I collected.

diviners7. Read all of the books on my Spring TBR list! I can do it!

8. Continue my winning streak with gifting books to my nephews. So far one is hooked on The Ranger’s Apprentice and the other two are loving Percy Jackson. Win!

rangers percy

9. Do more bookish arts and crafts. I want to be artsy and crafty, but it’s so hard…


10. Start a Little Free Library. Such a cool idea! This beauty is only $800. Sigh. Someday.

little free

Happy Reading!


3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday-My Bookish Bucket List 3/25/14

  1. I think it would be so much fun to reread Harry Potter with a child, especially a child who hasn’t read it yet. It’s such a magical series. I have that box set, and it’s gorgeous! You cannot own too many HP books 🙂

  2. I love sharing reading with my niece and nephew! I love when they love a book I give them. I agree with the Little Free Library. We have talked about doing one at school. We just have to get it going somehow!

    Best of luck with your bucket list.

  3. Parinita Shetty

    I’ve been reading so much about the Little Free Library. I would love to do it myself, but I’m not sure how well it will work where I live.

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