Top Ten Tuesday-Book Cover Trends Likes and Dislikes 6/24/14


This week The Broke and the Bookish are talking book cover trends. I am not sure if all of these count as trends, but there are all likes and dislikes of mine.


1. I love an illustrated cover and I apparently also like black covers.

shadow and bone dorothy not a drop to drink

2. I also like when the majority of the cover is text or has a cool font.

tease i'll give you the sun roomies

3. As much as I love an elaborate cover, sometimes a simple cover with a bold color or pattern is just as appealing.

grasshopper jungle half brother more than this

4. Covers that depict something relevant to the book.

lost lake aj fikry breakfast

5. Gender-neutral covers.

legend hunger games diviners


6. People on the cover. I am just not a fan. I feel like they date books and the majority of faces on book covers are white and/or don’t match the characters.

gone gone originals

See how much better that new cover for Gone is?

7. People in general bother me, but girls in gowns? Ugh.

selection shatter me

“Let me just sniff my pit real quick…”

8. Covers that make books too girly so guys won’t pick them up.

how to say goodbye in robot city of bones across

9. Covers that have nothing to do with the book or are misleading

museum pointe mara dyer

I actually love the cover for Pointe, but I think it’s misleading. I originally avoided it because I thought it was about ballet.

I don’t have a #10 this week, so how about some other cover that I love?

raven boys better off friends fangirl sisters going vintage ruby red bzrk 3 out of the easy

Happy Reading!



6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday-Book Cover Trends Likes and Dislikes 6/24/14

  1. The ball gown thing is so polarising! I’ve seen it on so many lists today with an even split of people who love it and people who don’t. Personally, I can’t decide either way, I think I’m edging towards dislike.

  2. I’m not as big a fan of black covers, but I’m with you in people. Poorly drawn people are even worse, and girls with no head… ugh. I like the bold graphics and text, too. I think they “keep” longer than other styles, and are easier to sell than busy covers. Fun post and bunch of books!

  3. You’re right girls in dresses and peoples faces.. they’re just not good for book covers! But you’re right.. that new cover for Gone is infinitely better! 🙂

  4. Wait?! Pointe ISN’T about ballet?

    Also Fangirl is definitely one my favorite covers in recent years.

    • Yes, the main character is a dancer and ballet is her passion, but the story isn’t about ballet. It’s so much more serious and disturbing and deals with sexual abuse, eating disorders, and kidnapping. It’s intense!

  5. I’m fond of girls in ball gowns myself (yay for pretty dresses!), but I agree with you about loving neat font covers. They’re so easy on the eyes.

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