Top Ten Tuesday: My Most Owned Authors 7/29/14


This week The Broke and the Bookish want to know what books are on our personal bookshelves. I forgot to do this earlier and I am not a home, so I am going on memory. I am sure I will be forgetting someone…

1. Scott Westerfeld. I own a signed box set of the Uglies series and the first two  books in the Leviathan trilogy. I really need to buy Goliath!

uglies leviathan

2. Robin LeFever. This fall I will own the complete His Fair Assassin trilogy. I still need to read Dark Triumph!

grave mercy dark triumph

3. J. K. Rowling. There are mysterious gaps in my Harry Potter collection. I need to start filling in those gaps before my nephews are old enough to read them!

harry box

4. George R.R. Martin. I have all of the Song of Ice and Fire books in paperback, but I suppose I should start collecting the hardcovers as well.

game of thrones

5. Stephenie Meyer. Yes, I have the Twilight saga.


6. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I went through phase in college.

love in the time of cholera

7. Leon Uris. I own multiple copies of Trinity (which I have read many times) as well as Redemption and Mila 18 (which I have never read).


8. Kiersten White. I have 2/3 of the Paranormalcy series. This is a trend with me! I seem to buy the first two books and never get around to purchasing the third.


9. Roald Dahl. I have most of his books, including his autobiography, which I still need to read.


10. Bill Willingham. This is actually part of my wish list. I have begun collecting Fables…someday I will own them all!


Happy Reading!


One response to “Top Ten Tuesday: My Most Owned Authors 7/29/14

  1. +JMJ+

    I have the entire Harry Potter series and the entire Twilight series (as well as The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which I haven’t read yet). Over time, I also picked up some Roald Dahl books, but he isn’t a favourite author of mine. I read Boy with a friend in uni and found it rather dark and cynical; I haven’t felt completely at ease with Dahl as a children’s writer since then. But I do think that Witches is a great Horror novel, and I still relish the time when I was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory aloud to my too-precocious-for-their-own-good preteen brothers and they compared it to an American Slasher movie! LOL!

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