Mondays with Megan

It was a busy weekend for me that actually included a lot of reading, despite the fact that I worked both Saturday and Sunday. The big boost came on Saturday when I proctored a practice ACT test at the library. That means I had about 4 hours of reading time! I also squeezed in a little book shopping. I am very excited about my purchases:

afterworlds in a handful of dust

 I will be starting Afterworlds sometime very soon! In the meantime, check out all the books I finished in the last week. I am still so far behind in my goal, but progress was made!

mondayreading new monday

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Book Journey and Teach Mentor Texts. Be sure to stop by and check out more lists!


letters from skye firebug calvin evil librarian sisters

  • Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole-an epistolary novel set against the backdrop of WWI and details the relationship between a young Scottish poet and a young American fan. I lingered over this one, reading a few letters a night. A sweet, easy read.
  • Firebug by Lish McBride-LOVED.
  • Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson-I decided by nephews needed a little Calvin and Hobbes in their lives. I was right, they ate it up and even shared with me.
  • Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen-There is a new librarian at Cyn’s high school and he is hot! He is also a demon who has enthralled her best friend, Annie and is sucking the life essence from the students. Cyn has an unusual immunity to his charms so while she juggles school and the set design for the school’s production of Sweeney Todd, she also now has to save her best friend. This devilishly hilarious book has a little something for everyone-horror, humor, romance, as well as musical theater! And while a soul-sucking demon is not necessarily an improvement, I find this librarian to be a refreshing change of pace from the stereotypical shushing old lady librarian!
  • Sisters by Raini Telgemeier-in her companion to Smile, Telgemeier recounts her changing relationship with her younger sister. Anyone with a sibling can relate to the ups and downs having a brother or sister.

Current Audio:

pure ruin and rising

Currently Reading:

famous last words gregor blood of my blood

On Deck:

skulduggery killer instinct pawn

Happy Reading!


4 responses to “Mondays with Megan

  1. I recently heard about Gregor the Overlander. Another dystopian adventure?


  2. Afterworlds is in my TBR, along with evil librarian. I just need to weed another 100+ out to get to them. LOL

    Guy Vestal @ Counter Culture Critic

  3. I will soon be reading Leigh Bardugo’s series – really looking forward to it.

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