Top Ten Tuesday-Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit 10/14/14


Books that the ability to magically transport readers to new worlds, both real and make-believe. The week, The Broke and the Bookish want to know where books have inspired us to want to visit.

1. Hogwarts. I imagine this magical boarding school is at the top of many lists today!


2. Ireland. Tana French, Marian Keyes, Roddy Doyle, and Derek Landy are just a few of the authors who make me want to visit Ireland.

3. Virginia. Apparently Virginia is home to many of my favorite boarding schools! I could check out the top-secret Gallagher Girls home, or hang out with the Raven Boys or maybe look up Evie and Lend!

i'd tell you i love raven boys supernaturally

4. Prague. Thank you, Laini Taylor!

daughter of smoke

5. Massachusetts. I actually did get to go Boston this summer as well as Newport, Rhode Island and it was amazing. I image that Alice Island is a little like Newport.

aj fikry

6. Brittany, 15th century. The Convent of St. Mortain seems full of danger and intrigue.

 grave mercy

7. Camp Half-Blood. Percy and friends forever!

8. New Orleans. But maybe not during Mardi Gras. I am not fan of crowds.

out of the easy

9. Australia. I would enjoy playing cards with Ed and his friends. Maybe say hi to Taylor and Jonah Griggs?

i am the messenger jellicoe road

10. Westeros. I mean seriously, how amazing has HBO made the seven kingdoms look?


Happy Travels, er, Reading!


4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday-Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit 10/14/14

  1. I’ve got two of those on my list. I never even thought about Camp Half-Blood. Good one! Great list!

    Michelle @ Michelle’s Minions

    My TTT

  2. I completely forgot abut Camp Half Blood! Wish it was on my list to =[

  3. Yes to so many on your list! Great to see Grave Mercy and 15th century Brittany made it in. Westeros would be fantastic/terrifying to visit. Maybe Dubrovnik would be a safer option!

  4. I live in Virginia and it’s definitely worth the visit! 🙂

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